News about Vince McMahon’s script changes on WWE Raw – Planeta Wrestling

During the last weeks it has been reported through the main media in the United States that the top leader Vince McMahon was not happy with the direction his company’s red mark program was taking. The problem ended up exploding when it was confirmed that AEW exceeded in the demographic age between 18 and 49 years to its longest running program.

A fact that left the company in evidence after underestimating the steps of the company that currently makes the most competition. Because of this every week, it is common for Vince to make script changes or break written plans. This time it was not known what was going to happen in the program until two hours before.

PWInsider reported that many changes were made throughout the day on Raw and, although the announced matches did not change, the order of the matches and the segments changed a lot in the hours prior to their broadcast.

Audience data

The Roman Reigns effect could be seen with the audience data. According , the episode drew an average of 1.793 million viewers on USA Network, up from 1.67 billion viewers last week. In the 18-49 year old demo, the average rating was 0.49, which is higher than the 0.43 rating.

Hour 1 (8 p.m.): 1.86 billion – Last week: 1.672
Hour 2 (9 p. M.): 1,853 million – last week: 1,634

Hour 3 (10 pm): 1.667 million – Last week: 1.703

Raw was ranked No. 6 on the night’s top 150 cable shows, which ranked No. 2 last week. An NFL game topped the list on the key show and drew more than 11 million viewers on ESPN.