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News about the status of the fighter is released in Monday Night Raw. The fighter has become a kind of meme in recent weeks where his arrival at the red mark has been announced.

Plans for Veer Mahaan’s debut on Raw

Veer Mahaan has been on the lips of the WWE universe in recent weeks. During recent Monday Night Raw shows, WWE has been broadcasting promotional videos of the wrestler’s debut. However, the reality could be worse than expected and what would seem like a debut in a big way, could be a fiasco.

A debut without a plan behind

According to the portal Fightful Select, WWE would not have any long-term plans for the wrestler. In fact, the company would not even have thought of anything specific when it began airing the promotional videos for Veer Mahaan. At the moment it is unknown if the situation could change but there could be a turn in the character towards a more comical air.

Mahaan is no stranger to the Monday Night Raw scene. The wrestler appeared on the show alongside Jinder Mahal and Shanky before they were traded to SmackDown. Despite this, it is unknown why the company decided to leave the fighter alone on the red mark.

Veer Mahaan has been behind the scenes for the last few weeks waiting for his opportunity to debut that does not come so far.

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News about Veer Mahaan’s debut on Raw – Planeta Wrestling