New news about the return of Bray Wyatt to WWE

The new position of legendary Triple H as WWE Director of Content and the retirement of Vince McMahon of the Company’s Presidency have positioned Bray Wyatt as one of the most desired returns by fans.

Different stars have made their return to WWE thanks to the ‘Triple H Effect’

Since Vince McMahon announced his retirement from World Wrestling Entertainment and Triple H assumed the highest creative command of the Company, we have witnessed many returns of athletes. To the Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown rosters, we can mention Bayley, Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky, Scarlett, Karrion Kross, Dexter Lumis, Hit Row, Braun Strowman and Johnny Gargano.

With this, many fans have been fantasizing for more than a month with the idea of ​​seeing ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt backWell, during his time in WWE, the athlete won the hearts and admiration of much of the Universe. A recent report gives great hope in the face of the expected event.

The report ensures that the return of Bray Wyatt is practically confirmed, but the date is uncertain

Recently, the Xero News site posted on its Twitter profile that Sources within WWE have confirmed that the real question about Bray Wyatt’s return is not if it will happen, but when it it is not expected to take place in a random episode of a weekly show like WWE RAW or SmackDown, nor in a ‘secondary’ Live Premium Event:

«Our source stated last night that the doubts lie in when Bray Wyatt will return to WWE, rather than if he will. It is believed that due to how big his return will be, it will not be in a secondary PLE (Premium Live Event) or random RAW/SmackDown. HHH keeps all comebacks a secret and only a few people in the business know about them.”

Source stated last night its more a case if When Bray returns to WWE than If he returns. It is believed due to how big of a return he will be it wont be some random raw/sd or secondary PLE. HHH is keeping all returns secret only a few people in the business know.

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New news about the return of Bray Wyatt to WWE