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During the last hour it has been reported in WWE news that the company continues with its active plan of generating the most revenue and maintaining the efficiency of the company. With the natural evolution of the company and Nick Khan’s takeover, it is no longer unusual to think of these contract releases.

New cuts in WWE

From the hand of one of the most prestigious journalists on WWE information gave the exclusive:

WWE issued a statement to Fightful that read: “With the continued evolution of NXT 2.0, we have decided to separate ourselves from some of our Performance Center staff. We thank them for their many contributions over the years and we wish them the best. ”

Therefore, it is confirmed that the company has decided to release the contract of professional in charge of the development of the stars of the future who will bear all the weight and responsibility. The strategy of prioritizing the roster continues and would be the first wave of layoffs within WWE.

The departure of the Performance Center staff does not imply significant losses for the company since at this time development brand WWE NXT 2.0 continues to develop its own stars. So it is clear that no one is safe and that the company continues to plan for its future.

Sarah Cummins, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products at WWE was fired today, according to PWInsider

WWE has confirmed that producer Road Dogg, trainer Ace Steel and writer Ryan Katz have left NXT.

The former Hall of Famer and former WWE Champion who was part of the DX Generation team has been released from his contract. At this time his role was that of personal trainer. What is not expected is a full-time return to the ring.

His last appearance was in episode 1000 of Raw and his participation in the Royal Rumble of the year 2011 being eliminated by the now NXT commentator Wade Barret. An exit that will make people talk. After some health problems, he has returned to do his job as well as possible, but the company has now dispensed with his services.

William Regal has been fired from the company, WWE has confirmed Fightful

Dave Kapoor, the former Ranjin Singh, has been fired from WWE. WWE has confirmed Fightful

Scott Armstrong is among the NXT staff cuts, WWE has confirmed Fightful

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New layoffs within WWE – Planeta Wrestling