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there have been many WWE news that have highlighted how in recent weeks more news has been released regarding the appearance of a new character at the WWE Extreme Rules PPV. Not only are many interested, but rumors indicate the possible arrival of Bray Wyatt.

New clue about White Rabbit

During the last program of the red mark, several QR codes have been offered that led to a series of cryptic images that have not suggested another fighter. No new details have been released, but that does not indicate that more details will not be given.

It is the most interest of the last few weeks in the entire world of fans. But, many do not think about his possible return. Since Triple H has come to command, it has been seen how several fighters who were in the background have actively returned to sign a full-time contract.

During the game Angelo Dawkins vs. Sikoa only, someone was seen walking with a “WYYT RABAT” sign through the crowd. The white rabbit could also be seen in the upper corner of the sign. Scroll down this page to see the sign.

Not only that, during last Friday’s program an image circulating on networks was echoed in which a fan had a sign that said “Revel in what you are”. A direct message to the white rabbit who has not made an appearance. Rumors indicate a possible clue for next Saturday.

There is no need to give more details about it. It’s clear that the company has kept the mystery fairly well-constructed. If it is Bray Wyatt he will start a second stage with the company on a weekly basis.

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New clue about White Rabbit on Raw – Wrestling Planet