New candidates for WWE’s White Rabbit project come to light

In his last live shows, WWE has provided a series of cryptic segments in front of the public. In brief moments of their shows, the speakers played the song “WhiteRabbit” of Jefferson Airplane while the lights alternated between white and red. In addition, a series of hidden messages in QR codes were presented to viewers.

this week in WWE RAW new code was introduced that expands on this story. The QR presented in the middle of the show carries aua page under the TikTok formatwhere several archive videos starring superstars from the past put together the phrase “Who killed the world? You did. feed your head“Who killed the world? You did it. Feed your head).

More clues are present around the video. For one thing, the numbers 40701 were noted as the zip code for Corbin County, Kentucky. In this county there is a record store called “White Rabbit” and a hotel called “WYNDHAM”. Also, the coordinates at the bottom lead to “large knitted rabbit, a huge stuffed rabbit in Italy that can be seen through Google Maps. Finally, the video is titled “930YWG”. This code connects the video with the next episode of SmackDown (September 30) in Winnipeg (YWG).

Aleister Black and Baron Corbin emerge as suspects

This unpublished material began to divert the White Rabbit candidates towards two names other than Bray Wyatt and Karrion Kross. The first of them is Baron Corbin, whom many fans began to associate with the aforementioned zip code. The second is Aleister Blackwho was introduced to the conversation when a fan discovered the lyrics of your song input in the source code of the website.

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New candidates for WWE’s White Rabbit project come to light