More details of WWE’s plans for Bray Wyatt are revealed

Bray Wyatt made his triumphant return in Extreme Rules, after being fired last year, and since then, the intrigue arises in reference to what his role in the company will be. On the recent Friday Night SmackDown, he appeared with a different version of the previous characters that he had characterized in WWE, as if he were in a confessional, he talked about many things, and got to the point where he thought that no one cared. However, the segment was interrupted by a video that was posted on the giant screen showing a character wearing a mask, similar to what was seen in the premium event, before the show went off the air.

Bray Wyatt on SmackDown (October 14, 2022) / WWE

► Bray Wyatt will stay on SmackDown

Although there are no further details regarding the plans that WWE has for Bray Wyatt, there is talk that something big could be in the works for him, Rumor has it that he could be the leader of a new faction.

In this regard, Sean Ross Sapp published in the recent Fightful Select an update on the situation of Bray Wyatt with WWE and the plans that the company has for him. It seems that WWE has placed the former Champion on SmackDown, adding that Uncle Howdy (recently named registered by WWE) and a masked version of Wyatt, have yet to come into play.

«After returning to WWE Extreme Rules and making a promotion on WWE Smackdown last week, it seems that this may be his usual home. Plans as of Thursday afternoon called for Bray Wyatt to appear on Smackdown again this week. It was originally rumored that he would appear on both Raw and Smackdown, but so far he hasn’t been on the former. »

“The last we heard was that the Uncle Howdy version and the Bray Wyatt mask would be implemented once again.

We will have to see what plans WWE has in store for Bray Wyatt in this new stage, but we certainly haven’t seen all of him, and intrigue once again takes over the WWE Universe.

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More details of WWE’s plans for Bray Wyatt are revealed