More details of the AEW fighters who appeared on WWE RAW are revealed

During the celebration of the 20 years of John Dinner in WWE there were many super stars who sent him greetings, among those super stars appeared some that are in AEW currently, the president of the company Tony Khan has explained in detail how the approval worked of these on-screen cameos.

Tony Khan explains how the negotiations went to allow the appearance of AEW fighters in WWE

On June 27 from Laredo Texas, was celebrated in Monday Night RAW the 20 years of the legend John Cena in WWE, he himself felt very grateful to everyone for the support, both from fans and from his peers throughout his life, several super stars who have had their roses with Cena appeared on screen to send their regards and congratulations, the interesting thing is that Current AEW superstars appeared among them.

The former super stars of WWE were Paul Wight (The Big Show), Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan, many took this fact as impressive and shortly after it was revealed that the president of AEW Tony Khan had given the approval for it, a little was mentioned about the negotiations between the two parties and now Tony Khan has just commented on the Battleground Podcast everything about how was the request of WWE officials to request authorization, This was what he said.

“I believe that when people ask for a reasonable favor, I am a good Samaritan, there is no reason why

that you can’t help people, in this case, it’s just about being a good samaritan and doing

the right thing to help if you think it’s a good cause, in this case, the 20th anniversary show of

John Cena, I think it’s great, it looks like a classy show, WWE contacted me personally

and asked me if we could send videos of some of the top stars, they asked me for videos of

Chris Jericho, Paul Wight, Bryan Danielson and Mark Henry, the one with Mark Henry did not air, but I’m sure

that they had a lot of great videos, and I understood why they wanted it, it’s a great start, but they did show

to Paul Wight, Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho, I had no problem with that, I also left it up to

of those superstars if they wanted to do it, I sent them to our head of HR, he told him they had

asked about this and if they wanted to make the videos, that was fine with us, but it was up to them.”

The forbidden door slowly opens

Without a doubt this is a great step in the history of the rivalry between both companies, everything was agreed to perfection and the result was very nostalgic, who knows and let’s continue to see other types of crossovers.

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More details of the AEW fighters who appeared on WWE RAW are revealed