Montez Ford would be evaluated as an individual superstar in WWE

There is no doubt about great team that are The Street Profits in WWE, however there are many who would like to see Montez Ford solo in raw, These are the rumors going around.

WWE sees Montez Ford with great individual potential

For a long time we have seen the perfect union of Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford in WWE, since the time of NXT have formed the team The Street Profits winning tag team championships and being one of the public’s favorites, despite this the fighter Montez Ford has highlighted a great talent by solo that has given much to talk about to see it alone for yourself.

Rumors that the company wants to separate him from his partner They have re-emerged after the last Draft 2021, as reported by the Wrestling Observer Radio WWE would be thinking of putting Montez Ford alone at some point, This was what Dave Meltzer said in the aforementioned portal.

“I know there are people who want to push Montez Ford as a solo superstar, I could see them doing something with Ford as individualists, there are people who are impressed with him at the moment, especially with his new physique.”

A separation after a hard defeat

It should be remembered that just last night at the event Money in the Bank The Street Profits lost the fight for the undisputed tag team championship, the way in which The Usos retained the medals was controversial so possibly we will see a rematch with Street Profits, otherwise bad luck as a team could be the clue for Angelo and Montez go their separate ways.

So far there have never been any problems between the two. good friends who are Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, it is not known how their separation would be generated so be on the lookout for the next few weeks.

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Montez Ford would be evaluated as an individual superstar in WWE