Matt Riddle’s wife: “You abandoned your son!”

While in the ring of Wwe, Matt Riddle is in one of his best moments, defending the Raw Couples Championship with Randy Orton, there is a person who does not like your success. It’s about his own wife, Lisa rennie, who through his official Twitter account showed today that there are problems between the two.

And it was all public. Because Riddle posted on his Twitter a photo where he looks quite smiling, and with Orton behind him. This photo is accompanied by the following message:

«I love my life so much, brother !!! I’m in California teaming up with my best brother, Randy, and trust me: There’s no one better than this guy. Raw Couples Champions ».

► Matt Riddle and Lisa Riddle, married since 2011

And his wife, Lisa Riddle, responded to that photo with a tweet that although it is already deleted today, it has given a lot to talk about:

“Are you going to say that now that you packed up and moved to Orlando, away from your children?”

Remember that Lisa and Matt have 3 children, a boy and two twins. In the past they have also been in the eye of the hurricane because Candy Cartwright, a professional wrestler, said that Riddle had abused her one night and the wrestler had to admit that he did have an extramarital affair with Candy for several months, but at that time the woman was united with her husband.

Cartwright sued Riddle, but in July of this year the lawsuit was withdrawn, most likely after reaching an out-of-court monetary settlement. In this case, it is clear that perhaps Riddle moved to Orlando to improve his skills in the ring and on the microphone.