Matt Riddle summarizes how his rivalry with Seth Rollins was

seth rollins Y matt riddle they had an intense rivalry since before SummerSlam 2022, and that culminated with a fight pit type fight that took place in Extreme Rules 2022, with Daniel Cormier as a special guest referee. The victory went to the Original Bro, but what happened during the previous weeks should be highlighted, since the rivalry began after Riddle’s ex-wife embarrassed Becky Lynch in an Instagram post, which has now been deleted, and even both they were mentioned during the interactions between both fighters.

Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle Extreme Rules 2022

► Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins did not get along

During the WWE Draft in 2020, Seth Rollins made it clear that he had no interest in facing Matt Riddle, after the latter spoke ill of becky lynch; However, over time the situation calmed down, and eventually they were paired in a rivalry that ended up being better than many expected.

During a recent appearance on After the Bell with Corey Graves, Matt Riddle talked about moving beyond his personal issues with Seth Rollins.

«We didn’t get along too well, he wasn’t a fan of mineAnd I’ll say this, no no I wasn’t a fan of his, but someone close to me at the time made some comments, this, that, and the other thing, and Seth wouldn’t talk to me. Seth wasn’t looking at me, he wasn’t talking to me, he wasn’t going to have anything to do with me.

And eventually, it’s kind of like Brock Lesnar and everyone else, you have no choice. I’m here, I’m going to keep working hard. Eventually, you’ll have to get in the ring with me and we’ll have to do business. And finally, Seth came to that conclusion.

But I think he also realized what I bring, which I’m willing to do to get reactions from the crowd, just like when we talk personally, we talk about things that we probably shouldn’t be talking about. But I’m like, bro, I don’t care. I mean, I pay child support. Things are difficult for me. And for me, I also see it as something more therapeutic. Anyone who knows me knows what I’m going through like, ‘I can’t believe she would have said that to me if I was going through that. Because everyone who has been in that place, at that time, can relate. And I think that’s what’s important. I think it’s something that Seth does and people don’t realize it, I want people to identify with it.

Everybody can relate to being like the little brother who just wants to be cool and has the other brother like him, that’s me and Randy Orton. With Seth, it’s just two guys who don’t like each other and talk nonsense that he shouldn’t be talking about.. We’re at that point where I want to hurt him physically, mentally and emotionally, and he does too. So I think I just try to build that story and build certain things that, to me, the more real it is, the easier it is, the better it is. And that’s what makes working with Seth so great because he’s the same. He likes to go with everything ».

Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins
Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins – WWE RAW

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Matt Riddle summarizes how his rivalry with Seth Rollins was