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In a recent interview for ‘Casual Conversations with the Classic’ the fighter Malakai Black revealed that he wants to face ex-WWE’s ‘The Best in the World’ CM Punk, Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) and Bobby Fish.

Black would come into potential matches with a huge boost

The wrestler, who was known during his time at WWE as Aleister Black, left Vince McMahon’s Company in what was one of the most unexpected layoffs of this year., as at the time his release was announced, a new character was being built for him on SmackDown after he was kept off the schedule for several months due to the creatives had no plans for him.

After this dark time in his life, the light of All Elite Wrestling was opened for the talented Dutchman and she made her Dynamite debut on June 7 under the name Malakai Black. From there he would establish his domain in AEW defeating names of the stature of Cody Rhodes and the entire Nightmare Family.

Now that you’ve got your eyes on the Varsity Blondes, Malakai took the opportunity to talk about his next rivals: Ex-WWE and current AEW CM Punk fighters, Bryan Danielson and Bobby Fish.

Malakai Black says AEW is the perfect platform for potential fights

“There are a lot of talented people, but in the same way I feel like it’s the perfect platform for me and Daniel Bryan to work on, it’s a perfect platform for me and Bobby Fish to work, it’s the perfect platform for maybe Punk and me somewhere. point.” He declared.

Without a doubt, AEW has great talents and possibilities to book splendid matches that continue to attract more fans to their shows. We will be watching to see if the Company takes Black’s wishes into account and allows us to see any of these potential matches in the future.

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Malakai Black wants to face two ex-WWE in AEW – Planeta Wrestling