Logan Paul discusses with Baron Corbin at SummerSlam and will be on WWE Raw | Superfights

After his participation in WrestleMania 37 it was anticipated that Logan Paul was willing to go back to the Wwe. Then nothing was known about a new idea of ​​the company for the famous youtuber and boxer but the door was left open for his return.

“He seemed willing to work with WWE again later on and he behaved in the right way. We haven’t heard any specific complaints about Logan Paul from any of the people we’ve talked to.

► Logan Paul argues with Baron Corbin

He finally ended up coming back last night at SummerSlam 2021 during Big E’s match with Baron Corbin in the Kickoff. He was enjoying the wrestling action like one more fan. Although the really interesting came later, when this happened with the “Lone Wolf”:

– Baron Corbin: «Yes, probably (last seen of him in WWE). I mean, I’m broke. I have no family, I have no friends. All I have is $ 35.

– Big E: «I have my baby (the Money in the Bank briefcase) back from the hands of the bastard Baron Corbin. It is back where it belongs. Now I have to think about charging it, it will be soon … or not, maybe it will be later«.

– Logan Paul: “That guy has muscles all over the place. We are in SummerSlam, it is hot… ». (Baron Corbin Appears Again).

– Baron Corbin: «What are you doing? You were talking to me. Why don’t you keep interviewing me?«.

– Logan Paul: «It may be because you are a pende **«.

► Logan Paul will be on WWE Raw

It has also been announced that Logan Paul will be on Monday on WWE Raw to be interviewed by John Morrison on his Moist TV. It could be thought that the youtuber and boxer will have a role similar to that of Bad Bunny, competing with the best friends for a future event where they face each other.