Liv Morgan trains with a veteran WWE star

Veteran WWE wrestler Natalya revealed that she has been training Liv Morgan and is proud to see her evolution in her rivalry against Becky lynch.

Liv Morgan trains at Natalya’s house

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion revealed during an interview with ‘Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday’ that Liv Morgan is one of the WWE stars who train at homeIn addition, ‘Nattie’ was quite happy to see the way Liv is determined to evolve as a fighter and put her skills to the test every time she enters the ring, either in front of the cameras or away from them:

“A lot of truly talented men and women train with us, Liv Morgan is one of them. I was very proud to see Liv put her skills to the test, a lot of the things she has been working on in ‘the dungeon’ she showed during her main event match on RAW with Becky Lynch, which was really spectacular. “ He said ‘Nattie’.

In addition to Natalya, her husband Tyson Kidd also coaches talents

The former Tag Team Champion with Tamina also revealed that Tyson Kidd has also helped Liv improve her performance between the ropes.However, most of the credit goes to Morgan, because – despite how tight his schedule is as a star of World Wrestling Entertainment – no matter what happens, Liv always shows up for her training sessions:

“Get off a plane and have no energy because you only slept three hours. They just gave you a red eye, you are finishing SmackDown, you have done a PPV, you have just done a cycle of Live Events … She will get off that plane and go to train with me, my husband and the other stars who come to practice with us … So that when he has an opportunity like the one presented to him on Monday Night RAW, he can ‘hit it out of the stadium.’

Liv Morgan will have a new opportunity against Becky Lynch for the Monday Night RAW Women’s Championship in the next WWE PPV ‘Day 1’.

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Liv Morgan trains with a veteran WWE star