Liv Morgan defends her recent Raw reference to WWE firings | Superfights

Yes Wwe wanted to incorporate real life elements into his programs, he may have had the courage to place Vince McMahon and the rest of those responsible for the more than 80 fighters fired so far in 2021 as villains in some history, as it would not be the first time that the authority exercises such a role.

But in return, he perpetrated an act of full-blown baseness by blaming their own Superstars using two segments from last week’s episode of Raw. And some will say that it is only “kayfabe”, but fiction is always an attempt to tell reality.

While Edge accused The Miz to leave John Morrison at the mercy of the WWE scissors, Liv morgan I blurted this out Becky lynch minutes before.

«You are the reason why your friend [Charlotte Flair] walked away from you, just like Your bloated greedy contract is the reason MY friends left. How does it feel to know that you have become everything you hated? “


► Liv Morgan, a «corporate girl»

Faced with such a stir caused by that script line, Ryan Satin wanted to know Morgan’s opinion in the latest installment of the podcast ‘Out of Character‘. But the gladiator, ironically, did not get out of character, also making his interlocutor believe that those words were his idea.

«Becky has brought up the topic of my friends, brought up the topic that my friends are not here. After it aired, I got a message from my friends saying how proud they were and how great the segment was. I don’t think people would bother. I know that I am talking about something that may seem taboo, but those things are what happen. I don’t think he said anything bad.

‘Everyone can feel how they want, and react as they want. It was not my intention to offend anyone or to frivolize with a topic, but to give an account of the reality of the situation. I think Becky had to listen to it. She’s so high right now that I couldn’t wait to get her feet on the ground. ”

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Liv Morgan defends her recent Raw reference to WWE firings | Superfights