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Over the past few weeks it has become clear that WWE news They have been focused on what to do in the women’s division. The most important challenger to that championship is clear that it will be the most important night of her entire sports career. Something you have in mind to master in the WWE Raw red mark.

Liv meets a goal

The challenger is occupying the majority of the spotlight before a unique opportunity that can make her the face of the women’s division and be able to defeat one of the best of all time. One of the most complicated challenges, so he has said with Shakiel Mahjouri of CBS Sports for a new interview.

The moment he finds the angry girl who went viral on a weekly show.

“I found Angry Liv Girl. She is amazing and I’ve been waiting to get there. I found her and I’m going to send her a little direct message, ”Morgan said. “I would love for Angry Liv Girl and Angry Becky girl to be there [en el Día 1 de la WWE]. They have both been stars during this fight. I would love for both of them to be there. “

What do you think of the legend Trish Stratus, and the commemoration of the first female main event fight.

“100 percent. That day was the 17th anniversary of the infamous Trish vs. Lita [partido]. The first women’s match of the women’s championship main event. I felt so strange. It felt like it was meant to be. Everything felt so aligned. Becky has red hair. I have blonde hair. We have this match 17 years after date and we were the main event, which we didn’t find out until later in the day because we weren’t the main event and then they moved us to the main event. As soon as I realized that, I was like, ‘I’m doing a dive.’

The support of the public after his loss at the Money in the Bank event.

“It was amazing and something that just happened really organically. That’s why I love it even more. I feel like I have such a natural chemistry and relationship with the WWE Universe and with my fans. I don’t mean to say that it was surprising. I do not go out and hope for nothing. I never know what will happen. I never know how people are going to react. To go out and have the support and feel them, see them and hear them, is a lesson in humility. It is truly a humbling experience and I am very grateful for them. I don’t think I would be in this position right now if it weren’t for the fans. “

The opinion on the freed fighters that I mention in a promo.

“I think everyone can feel the way they do. Everyone is allowed to react in any way they want to react. I knew what I was saying might have been a bit sensitive just because it’s a sensitive topic… That’s my truth and that’s how I felt. My friends came up to me afterward and let me know how wonderful they thought I was and how proud they were. I felt good about it because I felt like I was defending their honor, they loved that I was doing it, and that’s how I felt. This is how I felt. Becky has gotten very personal with me and I felt like I needed to bring her back to reality very quickly.

I don’t want to offend anyone or be upset by what I said. In that aspect, I don’t like that. I don’t want people to be bothered by something I said without any malice. Like I said, people are allowed to feel how they feel. “

Your family’s reaction to your success.

“I feel like they think it’s crazy. It was all our dreams growing up. We all wanted to be in WWE. For them, watching me go from fighting in the backyard with them to the main event on Monday Night Raw has been very, very surreal. My mom is very proud of me. It feels so good because it made the video packs. I think I’ll fly her to Day 1 so she can be there and watch me win the title. It’s a great feeling. Everyone is very proud and happy for me. “

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Liv Morgan can fulfill her wish before WWE Day 1 – Planet Wrestling