Kofi Kingston Reveals Scrapped Plans For WWE WrestleMania 37

The names of Kofi Kingston and Mustafa Ali will be united in WWE history by remembering the beginnings of the KofiMania, which carried the Ghanaian flying to WrestleMania, where he would be crowned WWE champion.

Kingston replaced Ali (who was injured) in the 2019 Elimination Chamber Men’s Match. Although Kingston did not win the title on that PPV, it did help him get a huge boost that would lead him to have a match with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, where made history by proclaiming himself WWE champion. The fighter held the championship for 180 days, until losing it to Brock Lesnar on the premiere episode of SmackDown on FOX on October 4 of that same year, in a match that barely exceeded 15 seconds.

Kingston revealed in an interview with Alistair McGeorge from Metro that there were plans for the two superstars to work together at WrestleMania 37. But nevertheless, plans changed.

“It was perfect! It was written, there wasn’t even an effort to write anything else creatively, it was perfect! But unfortunately, that’s not the direction ‘the office’, I guess, wanted to go. That’s the way it is “Maybe later on we’ll get a chance to see that opportunity again. Some ideas were brought to me, and we started working on them, and all of a sudden those ideas were scrapped. But that’s something we’re used to by now.” it was really disappointing, man, because I think (Ali) he is amazing in the ring and an innovator. He finds ways to do the smallest things in a different way, putting his own stamp on it. He has a great mind for business and storytelling“.

Kofi added that he was not surprised that the plans changed, because it is normal in this business. It seems that the original idea for WrestleMania 37 was for Ali to participate in the title match for the Raw tag team championships., who at that time were in possession of The New Day, which would eventually lose to the team made up of AJ Styles and Omos. As we have already reported, Mustafa Ali has requested his release from WWE.

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Kofi Kingston Reveals Scrapped Plans For WWE WrestleMania 37