Kevin Owens will soon return to action in WWE

Kevin Owens He has been absent from television for two weeks. Originally was scheduled to fight Ezekiel for an opportunity that would grant him a spot in the Money in The Bank ladder match. However, Owens did not make an appearance and did not appear on Friday Night SmackDown that Friday.

Kevin Owens finally it was not part of Money in The Bank and his position was taken by Madcap Moss, although Theory was also added before the fight began. Some media speculated that Owens could have contracted COVID-19, which is why WWE supposedly would have canceled his plans. Owens also did not appear last Monday, July 4 on Monday Night Raw, so the rumor of the disease grew. However, during the week he was seen in the NHL Draft and showed no signs of injury or illness. At that time, Owens indicated that he was fine and that his return to WWE was in the hands of the company.

Dave Meltzer, a journalist for Wrestling Observer, has mentioned in the latest edition of his radio show that Owens will be back in action very soon., although it is not ruled out that it will not appear on the screen for a few weeks. “I know he’s fine. My impression is that he’ll be back in a few weeks,” she stated. Meltzer added that Owens would have been kept out of action due to a minor injury of which details are unknown.

It should be remembered that before this small absence on television, Kevin Owens was starring in a story with Ezekiel and his real identity. Since Ezekiel’s arrival on the WWE roster, Owens has wanted to show that Elias is behind that identity.

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Kevin Owens will soon return to action in WWE