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Kevin Owens, one of the big stars of WWE RAW, She opens up about the reinvention of WWE NXT 2.0 and the things she thinks have yet to change.

Kevin Owens makes certain criticisms of WWE NXT 2.0

Through an interview on the podcast Les anti-dops de a lutte, Kevin Owens decided to comment more deeply on the new environment and the changes that took place within WWE NXT 2.0. The current challenger to the WWE Championship commented that the name of the development brand should have another to the one it currently owns. He even assures that one reason why the name should be changed is that when watching the program it looks totally different from what it was when he was there.

“Today’s NXT is very different from the NXT it was a part of, to the point that I think it should have a totally different name. I don’t think it’s better or worse, but it’s too different. So when I’m watching NXT, I don’t see the NXT that I was a part of. Is not the same. I don’t even consider it to be the same show. I don’t really feel any attachment to NXT right now. I don’t think it fits into the new NXT as it fit into the NXT that was part of it, guys like Sami, Finn, Samoa Joe and Nakamura. When I watch NXT now, I don’t feel the same way I felt when I watched NXT two years ago. “

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Kevin Owens opens up about the new WWE NXT 2.0 – Planeta Wrestling