Kevin Owens mentions that he was offered to stay a while in NXT

During an interview the WWE superstar Kevin Owens mentioned that WWE had agreed to him staying with WWE NXT for a time in 2019. Remember this week we had a exclusive interview with Kevin Owens in London.

Kevin Owens was able to return to NXT for a certain period

Kevin Owens is going through a possible turn Heel on Monday Night RAW for the actions of Seth Rollins in these last two weeks, in the past RAW Owens attacked WWE’s Big E For having caused the defeat to Rollins, this change to Heel could come in handy for Kevin Owens because he is a character who has always shone more like Heel in his career, it should also be noted that With this change, he could position himself as a contender for the WWE championship.

Now we go to the past when Kevin Owens made a guest appearance at the 2019 NXT Take Over War Games to help Team Ciampa defeat The Undisputed Era, This was an occasional return and after this he did not stay longer but it seems that the original plan is for it to be so, during a recent interview for Talks Sports Kevin Owens revealed that Vince McMahon had approved that he will stay a long period of time in NXT but then he changed his mind, This is what Owens said:

“Before he returned at War Games there were concrete plans for him to

returned to NXT for an extended period before returning to the roster

main, at that time Paul Heyman was in charge of RAW and those

they were just plans we had, Vince McMahon approved of the idea but

finally changed his mind and nothing happened, it was not an idea in the

air, it was a plan that was going to happen and it just took a different direction. “

Kevin Owens is one of the clear examples of super stars they had a good handling in NXT and later also in the main roster, it would certainly have been interesting to see him again in the then black and yellow mark.

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Kevin Owens mentions that he was offered to stay a while in NXT