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Keith Lee is evolving as a character. We reported a few days ago that it had released a new appearance. Now, it has a new name.

New alias revealed in a dark match before RAW

Last night, in one of the bouts prior to the chapter of the red mark, Keith “Bearcat” Lee made an appearance. In that match, the superstar defeated Akira Tozawa, but the outcome of the match was the least of it.

Wwe he’s working on turning Keith Lee into a character “Heel”, for this he is changing his appearance, his name and there was even thought of putting Adam Cole as his agent.

This nickname would be a tribute

The nickname “Bearcat” originates from Bearcat Wright, fighter of the 50s and 60s. In addition, he was introduced in the “WWE Hall of Fame” in 2017.

The choice of the nickname of this legendary superstar suggests the intentions regarding Keith Lee. Specifically, turn him into a rude, violent and very powerful character. Having an aura similar to that of superstars like Braun Strowman or The Great Khali.

Big plans for Lee

Wwe She relies heavily on the superstar from Wichita, Texas. At 1.88 meters tall and 154.5 kilograms, it matches Vince McMahon’s taste in relation to physique.

Since his rise to the top brands, Lee has had great rivalries, defeating superstars of the level of Randy Orton in less than ten minutes. Now, once the draft, Keith Lee will be turned into the main rude of the brand assigned to him, which will undoubtedly give us great moments and rivalries.

What about you? What do you think of Keith Lee’s new nickname?

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