Karrion Kross threatens the entire WWE Raw locker room | Superfights

Jeff Hardy, Keith Lee, Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo … They have been the victims so far of Karrion Kross in WWE Raw. Last weekend he left NXT behind after lose the top championship to Samoa Joe at TakeOver 36 so now you are fully focused on the red mark.

► Karrion Kross threatens the entire locker room

But right now “The Herald of Doomsday” has no rivalry, but is trying to kill each of the opponents who put him in front week after week. In fact, after his victory last night on television sent a threat to all the wrestlers in the cast.

There is not a single person on this planet that I cannot knock out or subdue.. I proved it over and over again. There is an old saying that someone has your number. Well I have everyone’s number. Tonight I almost elbowed Humberto in the head. And if the referee wasn’t there and released the surrender key, I would never have let him go. Think about the future!”.

It is impossible to guess who will be Karrion Kross’ next opponent but I might spend a few weeks crushing the low-middle cartel fighters before perhaps rivaling Damien Priest for the United States Championship. In all probability it will not go too fast towards the star plane.

If it reaches it, you already know what happens to the stars of NXT in the main brands. Besides that at the moment the WWE Championship is not an option for him because the owner is another rude, Bobby Lashley. And certainly Kross still has a lot to prove on Raw..