John Cena’s emotional speech for his 20 years in WWE: “Thank you, I always wanted to say it”

WWE has had great figures in the ring and John Cena is one of the most beloved by fans. The fighter reached 20 years of wrestling career and decided to celebrate in a special way: he returned to the ring on Monday Night RAW this June 27, but not to fight, but to give an emotional speech.

Previously, the rapper’s entrance was spectacular: he walked through a corridor made up of other members of the brand and, while the song that identifies him was playing, he was applauded in unison. The fans who attended the event made the venue rumble by chanting the actor’s last name.

“Today is my birthday in WWE. As I look at the people so far away, I can feel the energy. I couldn’t think of a better place for this celebration. I never celebrate achievements, because I look forward as much as possible. However, tonight is different, because it has nothing to do with what I have done, but it has to do with you.Cena began.

“These 20 years are very important to me. Every time I come in here, it’s because you allow it. For years, you created an environment for me, to show how I am. I’ve always wanted to say: Thank you! I’ve always waited for this right moment.”added the fighter.

Similarly, John Cena praised the support he received from fans throughout his stay in the ring. “My heart beats out of my chest. I am overwhelmed with emotion and energy. Thank you for moments like these, thank you for making me who I am. I always say I’m up for anything…and when I say that, it’s not about acting in Fast & Furious or Peacemaker,” she confessed.

“When I say WWE has prepared me for anything, it is thanks to you, for your lessons. They have made me a better human being, they made me a better husband and a better person. You have taught me to be kind.”highlighted the rapper.

Finally, John Cena revealed that he has in mind to fight again, although for now he does not have a set date. “It has been 20 years, and today I am 45. I say this, because I don’t know when you will see me in the ring again. Don’t worry, it won’t just be one more time, but there isn’t a time yet.”concluded the superstar.

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John Cena’s emotional speech for his 20 years in WWE: “Thank you, I always wanted to say it”