Jimmy Smith reveals that Triple H accidentally advanced his dismissal

Yesterday afternoon, WWE announced changes to the comment tables of its programs as part of the start of the new television season. One of the most important was the jimmy smith exitwho leaves the RAW table and leaves the company after just over a year of association.

Just yesterday, Jimmy Smith himself spoke on this subject in the last chapter of his podcast, MMA on SiriusXMand revealed that Triple H he advanced his dismissal accidentally last Monday before RAW:

Triple H told me by accident before the show on Monday. She got involved and told me, but he didn’t mean to. What happened is that she was preparing me for the show and we had a production meeting. On air, Seth Rollins had cut a promo saying that Daniel Cormier hates Riddle as much as he does. Everybody in production looked at me and he asked me: ‘What is he referring to? Do you have some kind of personal problem?

I am the one with the MMA, so I said, ‘Well, Riddle has been critical of payouts to fighters and the UFC, and Daniel Cormier is considered the corporate kind of guy. He could refer to that.

Before the show, I go to see Riddle and ask him if he and DC have a problem. ‘No, we’re fine, maybe he’s upset because i beat jon jones and he couldn’t.

“I went to Triple H and said, ‘I just talked to Riddle and he gave me this line about how he beat Jon Jones (to use on the show).’ Then Triple H was like, ‘Okay cool, tell it to michael cole‘. I thought: ‘Why would I give Cole the note, I’m going to narrate the fight on Saturday.’

In like two seconds, my brain was like, ‘That’s weird, but okay.’ so basically i knew i wasn’t coming back throughout the Monday night program. When they called me on Tuesday, I wasn’t surprised.”

As for his replacement on the schedule, the RAW comment table will now be made up of Corey Graves and Kevin Patrickand the narrators for the PLEs will be Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

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Jimmy Smith reveals that Triple H accidentally advanced his dismissal