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Roman reigns defeated Brock Lesnar on Crown jewel and consolidated his position as WWE Universal Champion. Now, after Lesnar’s suspension indefinitely – although we believe he could reappear for Royal Rumble 2022 or WrestleMania 38- The question arises as to who will be the next to step forward as a challenger to the Tribal Chief.

Roman Reigns and The Bloodline – WWE Crown Jewel 2021

► Will Drew McIntyre be a transitional challenger for Roman Reigns?

In a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, former WWE referee Jimmy korderas spoke about the star of the recent PPV Crown Jewel, where he shared his impressions of this meeting, Highlighting the work of Paul Heyman in the rivalry between Reigns and Lesnar.

“I thought it was a well told story, and Paul Heyman, not being a distraction in the match, his movements were very limited during the match. He wasn’t revealing anything, if he was going to get involved or something like that.or. He was very stoic on the other side of the ring, and then when he threw the title into the ring, you said, ‘Okay, was he throwing it at Brock? Was he fucking Roman? ‘ He left that question out there, and the question still continues to this day, which is a good story being told.

“And I don’t know, how do you mean Paul Heyman right now? Is he the Robert De Niro, Al Pacino of professional wrestling right now? He is amazing in this role. Obviously, we know he’s great with the mic and stuff. It can handle itself there and is very creative. And I think that, to my understanding, he has a lot to do with this story, and the story is amazing. And frankly, in my opinion, is the best story told in professional wrestling right now«.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman - WWE SmackDown
Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman – WWE SmackDown

Then, upon learning of Brock Lesnar’s suspension, Korderas noted that Drew McIntyre would be the next challenger for Roman Reigns, although he anticipated that the Scotsman might not be successful.

“Drew McIntyre could be next on the list, and there is a way to elevate Drew without him also facing Roman Reigns. I feel sorry for Drew, in a sense, because he was singled out as ‘the guy’ at WrestleMania. But at the same time, now, maybe it’s his time to help elevate Reigns. I don’t know how you take Roman Reigns to the next level?

“Right now, he’s shooting at full blast, so using the term ‘raising Roman Reigns’ doesn’t make sense in this sentence. But at the same time, we want to get to WrestleMania, what if it’s a rematch against Brock? Is it someone else in the future? I don’t know, but closing the gap, for now, there are some guys like that. “

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar
Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar – WWE

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Jimmy Korderas anticipates which would be the next rival of Roman Reigns | Superfights