Jim Ross appreciates not hearing Vince McMahon’s screams anymore

JimRoss, one of the legends of WWE, He was honest about the current situation within his work within AEW. Next, we tell you the details.

Jim Ross feels more comfortable within AEW

Through his own podcast Grilling JR, Jim Ross was encouraged to comment on the great differences he has working in AEW when he was in WWE. The WWE Hall of Fame member added that he is really happy to no longer hear Vince McMahon’s screams when commenting on WWE. He also said that Tony Khan really admires his work and treats many really well, causing a good feeling, especially for him, during work.

“Anyway, it’s been a fun ride. Tony Khan makes it easy. He is a huge fan of mine and I think he is living his dream right now. I know, I love it. He lets us work, he’s not in our ear, he’s not cursing, he’s not yelling and acting possessed. Just treat people real good And the better you treat people, the more they will invest in making your business better. They are not pissed off all the time or frustrated. Negative energy, negative energy that doesn’t tell me. So it’s good for us.”

Last month, Jim Ross managed to return to the comment table within AEW after he will manage to win the battle against skin cancer. Therefore, we have Jim Ross for a good time within Tony Khan’s company, especially in the comments for the fights and everything that happens within AEW.

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Jim Ross appreciates not hearing Vince McMahon’s screams anymore