Is WWE repeating an iconic WCW story on Raw?

Who doesn’t remember that iconic WCW story when Rey Mysterio was unmasked after falling in a match with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall? It was not the only moment, but it can be said that countless fans discovered what the veteran fighter’s face looked like thanks to that moment. A moment that was not replicated in the last Monday Night Rawwhen The Miz took away his precious mask. As many others have done throughout their career; Without going any further, in recent times, Seth Rollins or Randy Orton.

► The Miz unmasks Rey Mysterio

In any case, Vince Russo remembered what happened in WCW when he gave his opinion about what happened in the red program while speaking in Legion of RAW once this is over. Who was the main writer of the empire in the nineties wonders even if Vince McMahon knows that “The Great Mask of All Time” fought without a mask during a portion of his years in World Championship Wrestling. He points out that it makes no sense to continue telling the story of unmasking Mysterio because we already know what his face looks like. Although technically not in WWE.

«I could have sworn, I could have been wrong, when I was writing WCW in ’99, I could have sworn Rey Mysterio wasn’t wearing a mask.. That’s what makes me laugh here. I could tell you, Chris, growing up Mil Mascaras was the masked guy. Never, never did you see… until today, if you showed me a picture of Mil Mascaras without a mask, I wouldn’t know it was him. We have seen Mysterio without the mask. If we never saw him without her, that would be one thing, the guy spent a lot of her career without wearing the mask.”

Once both the fight and the subsequent segment were over, The Miz said that he took off Rey Mysterio’s mask to humiliate him for the damage caused and that will give it to Logan Paul to wear on Raw next week.

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Is WWE repeating an iconic WCW story on Raw?