“I’m coming for the Universal championship” – Raw wrestler warns Roman Reigns – Planet Wrestling

Like every week, there are many who want to take the championship from the Roman dog and tribal chief and chief of the courtyard. In fact, a highly talked about superstar to be the next transfer to SmackDown has left everyone a bit confused after his threat to the WWE champion.

The former champion of the pandemic Drew McIntyre is clear that his challenges are to go as far as possible. After losing to Lashley he had to comply with the clause that did not allow him to have fiefdoms for his championship ever again until Lashley lost the title and that has already happened.

A fact that the former WWE Champion explained on RAW Talk, McIntyre highly praised Big E, stating that he deserved to win the WWE Championship. However, he added that it is unfortunate for the WWE Champion because he is coming for his title.

“If you remember Hell in a Cell, I faced Lashley, I was screwed by Lashley and MVP and according to the stipulation of that match, I could no longer compete for the WWE title while Lashley was WWE Champion. He finally lost it. He lost it to Big E a couple of weeks ago. Big E absolutely deserves this moment. He deserves to be a WWE Champion. You have paid your dues. I’ve seen it through FCW, NXT, New Day, and it’s really cool that Big E is WWE Champion. It’s a shame I’m WWE Champion because I want to get my title back, “said Drew McIntyre. “Big E, sorry friend, you are WWE Champion and I’m coming for you.”

Finally, he was commented on the situation that has the most news this week in the world of wrestling, such as the draft or the roulette of wrestlers. For the Raw star, he is not worried about having a change to the blue brand. His plans are clear, end the reign of Big E and then disembark in the blue brand to be the next dominator in Roman Reigns’ yard.

“Then I’ll come for the Universal Champion,” said Drew McIntyre.

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