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We start the week with one of the main shows of the company as it is the red mark of WWE RAWand in PLANET WRESTLING, your WWE websitewe leave you some observations that we should pay attention to for this WWE RAW on April 4. There will be a lot of good to be followed by Wrestlemania 38.

What to see on WWE RAW on April 4, 2022

It is time to analyze the first program after everything that has happened at the great event WWE WrestleMania 38 where there were changes of championships and where everything begins for the product of the company that it sees as the maximum championship has been unified in a single person. It’s time to analyze the highlights of the program.

Debut Veer Mahan

The moment arrives after more than six months of announcements and the draft. The fighter who had been a meme for the last few months finally debuted in the company at a time of great expectation. Veer has already been involved in main event fights but now on the main roster he will have to show his great potential inside the ring itself.

Cody Rhodes speaks for WWE

After his unexpected return, it is expected that the fighter may have a special moment when he goes to address the entire public that is impatiently waiting for new steps for Cody within WWE. It is the most relevant fact and many hope that he can rise to the starting level and it is important to know if the rivalry with Rollins himself continues after his unexpected return.

Bianca speaks like a champion

It is time to know the words of the champion who eliminated all hope that Becky could continue as champion of the red mark. It is interesting to know his new reign after last year after defeating Sasha. A new era begins and a new reign within the Raw program with her leadership in the women’s division.

Logan Paul will respond to the Miz

The fighter who teamed with the Miz received his finisher after his victory. A betrayal attack that opens the possibility of his continuity in the company over the months in WWE. It is a real possibility after fulfilling in the fight he had a few hours ago before almost 80 thousand people in Dallas.

Edge’s new stable

Edge is expected to answer why Damian Priest made an appearance in his match against Aj Styles. It is not clear if he has finished his rivalry but if something should be taken into account it is that his steps towards a championship are getting bigger and bigger. The creation of a stable would be to give more support to his career and that of others in achieving achievements.

RK-Bros celebrate their victory

There was no separation as expected and everything seems to indicate that a new long reign begins for these two stars who captivate the entire public as champions in pairs. You can’t expect much more from two legends right now from the brand that together have raised the tag team division to another level.

Omos and Lashley situation

The face of victory and defeat in two who had a fierce fight a few hours ago. Bobby is unsure of where to go next now that he is recovered from his injury several weeks ago. Omos is finished or it will be time to give him a character change. He had been undefeated for a year until his first real match in WWE.

Roman responds to his milestone

The champion will have to answer to the public what his plans are for the future. He has beaten the beast clean after sustaining an arm injury. But he has done it for his history and is still the universal champion. There are no rivals at his height and it is possible to know whether or not he unifies those championships for the future of WWE.

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Highlights on WWE RAW on April 4, 2022 post WrestleMania 38 – Planeta Wrestling