Happy Corbin vs. Pat McAfee Confirmed at WWE SummerSlam

The vibe between Happy Corbin and WWE commentator Pat McAfee It’s been on fire, that’s why finally the confrontation between the two is confirmed in the hottest event of the summer SummerSlam.

Happy Corbin Accepts Match vs. Pat McAfee at SummerSlam

A few weeks ago we saw Happy Corbin being defeated again and definitively vs Madcap Moss, after this the commentator Pat McAfee said things that were heard by the defeated Corbin who became enraged and confronted him by threatening him, the intensity was felt and with this McAfee did not flinch and He proposed a challenge to Happy Corbin at SummerSlam if he thought so rude.

After a week we did not get a confirmation other than a few words from Corbin in a recorded video where he warned McAfee not to mess with him, with this the challenge remained in the air and we did not know anything until last night at the end of Money in the Bank, the commentators were saying the last words of the show when out of nowhere Happy Corbin appeared to attack Pat McAfee by surprise, after an End of Days he yelled at him that he accepted his challenge.

Will Corbin be able to teach the commentator a lesson

The rumors in the end were true now that the fight is official, this will be the third fight that McAfee disputes in WWE being the first in NXT vs Adam Cole and the second most recent on the biggest stage of all WrestleMania 38 where he defeated Theory, so far in the two fights he has shown have a good talent in the ring.

This seems unimpressed Happy Corbin who is very confident in himself and he thinks that McAfee is going to be an easy piece, we’ll see if he doesn’t end up losing for trusting too much vs the commentator next July 30 at SummerSlam.

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Happy Corbin vs. Pat McAfee Confirmed at WWE SummerSlam