Great anger of Vince McMahon during WWE Raw | Planet Wrestling

One of the flagship programs within the company and that marks the beginning of a week full of great wrestling programs an incredible improvement in the quality of the product could be seen over the previous weeks. The ratings have settled down and it looks like the new ideas have given the red show a breather.

In fact, such was the expectation that people reacted greatly in the two title fights. A way to put all the meat on the grill betting on open challenges that were made a few months ago within the company with fighters of the stature of John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy …

But not everything was as it seemed, behind the scenes there was a great anger from the president of the company. PWInsider reports that yesterday was one of the “longest” days for the creative team because Vince McMahon was said to be extremely unhappy with what was originally planned for the show.

PWI reports that McMahon “broke the script” multiple times. McMahon reportedly asked for new ideas. Some of those ideas were said to be good and some not so good, but he rejected all of them before making the decision. on what the new plans for the show would be.

The situation was so tense that is why prior to the program, there was not much activity on the company’s social networks. The source on which they have relied to break the news, he made it clear that the anger was so strong that it was “the loudest and most angry” McMahon had ever seen on the day of the show.

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