Fox Sports does not broadcast WWE Day 1 in Mexico – Planeta Wrestling

For several weeks, Fox Sports promoted that he would broadcast live the events of the Wwe as of January 1, 2022 with Day 1; However, it was not.

On social media, Mexican users who had the illusion of watching completely free and live the first pay-per-view of the WWE were the great disappointment When they realized that Fox Sports 3 was not showing that event, there was another program.

Therefore, in social networks the signs of annoyance on the part of wrestling fans began to be present, showing their hatred with high-sounding words and even labeled Profeco for filing a false advertising complaint.

In fact, some users commented that probably the sports television station would delay WWE Day 1, although there is no confirmation of this.


It would not be the first time that a television station in Mexico transmitted a WWE pay-per-view deferred, since MVS was the first that It did so at the beginning of the 21st century when, a week later, they broadcast all the McMahon PPVs.

Slowly, this was changing until they were broadcast live, like the weekly shows, Raw and Smackdown.

On open television, Channel 5 of Televisa and Azteca 7 were the ones that transmitted the weekly programs deferred WWE.

The constant complaints of users and fans of the wrestling caused both television stations to broadcast the programs live.

By then, the second decade of this century, PPVs were broadcast on restricted television on premium package channels and, now, it seems that it will be the same way until Fox Sports gives an answer.

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Fox Sports does not broadcast WWE Day 1 in Mexico – Planeta Wrestling