Former WWE Superstar wants a match against Dominik Mysterio

Former WWE ChampionAlberto Del Rio recently appeared on the most recent episode of “UnSKripted” with Chris Featherstone, and this former WWE Superstar spoke about a possible match against Dominik Mysterio.

Del Rio se faced Rey Mysterio several times in the past, and would enjoy the opportunity to have a match with the son of the “King of the 619”.

Alberto commented that he has closely followed the development above Dominik’s ring, and took the opportunity to praise this young talent of only 24 years for being a great fighter and that he has wrestling in his blood. Del Rio’s words in this regard were the following:

“I believe that [un combate contra Dominik] It would be an amazing experience because I fought with his father, and I know Dominik is a great fighter. It’s in his blood, he just needs more time, but he will make it, that’s for sure. “

Alberto Del Rio also talks about his experience with John Cena in WWE

Alberto Del Rio also took advantage of talking about the help that John Cena provided him when he was in his steps for WWE. These were the sayings of this former WWE star on this subject:

“You know, John Cena is so cool. You know, I always say the same thing in all my interviews, like they don’t give Cena the credit that he deserves. I don’t even know why, but I’ve always been a good fighter, but I became a better fighter the day I fought John Cena. That day and after the fights throughout my career against Cena; I learned something from him. He was the one; he was the one who taught to really listen, really ”.

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