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During the last weeks one of the main fighters to give the necessary prominence to the red mark WWE Raw has been the wrestler from WWE Edge. The frictions have not stopped arising in a very intense rivalry with another of the great wrestlers of WWE.

Appearance in the red mark reports that the WWE Hall of Famer is scheduled to appear in various episodes of Raw that will be coming out of the Day 1 PPV. Which implies that the prominence of the fighter will increase with the passing of the weeks at the red mark.

The plans for the fighter in the short term are to face the Miz in a fierce battle. Their promos recall a time when there were other essential fighters on the main roster. Now that so many years have passed, the nostalgia for their last rivalry years ago returns.

Edge is a fundamental pillar within the red brand. For many it is time for him to reign again. Many have been the doubts about his status in the ring, but he has already faced the best of the entire roster as the universal champion.

Tonight there is a celebration of the fashionable couple of Miz and Maryse. Regarding his match at Madison Square Garden against KO, he wanted to say the following:

“Something funny happened on my way to Detroit. I ended up at Madison Square Garden in a cage match against Kevin Owens. When I first learned that I could fight again, this fight was on my short to-do list before I retired (for the last time). Have the feeling that we will see each other again. “

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Former WWE champion to make his appearance on WWE Raw – Planeta Wrestling