Former WWE champion looks in great physical condition before his return – Planet Wrestling

During the last weeks in which the appearance of a great fighter on the roster has not been seen, speculations have arisen that they have fed WWE news that explain its possible future and use by the company. For this reason, he has been preparing in a great physical way.

Hard work

He is the WWE wrestler and former NXT UK Champion Walter. The fighter who had a title for more than 800 days was expected by many to debut on the main roster. It was the Russian Ilja Dragunov who ended the reign of the German champion who has a lot of prominence within WWE.

This is the photograph posted inside a gym getting physically ready. The fighter has several years ahead in which he can continue demonstrating his physical prowess after he has performed satisfactorily on development brands.

He has the ability to debut and fight on the main roster. His contract remains full-time and the company is currently reserving it for new notices. So it is a doubt to think what may be next for the fighter within the company.

His Imperium team is NXT Tag Team Champion, a new NXT in which he can dominate as an underdog. It just takes a great comeback that everyone waits patiently for. His last great fight in NXT is reminiscent of Wargames. It is not too late if happiness is good to bring the fighter.

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Former WWE champion looks in great physical condition before his return – Planet Wrestling