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Over the past few weeks there have been several waves of layoffs by WWE to release wrestlers who no longer meet their minimum requirements. Several wwe news that transcend with the opinion of many fans who saw it as a personal attack on the figures who stand up for the company.

Wrestler spotted with AEW talent

This is the case of several renowned fighters that now after a while and the competition clause can fight and offer their capabilities to independent companies. This is the case of many who continue to leave things to see despite being fired from WWE.

In the case of the latest wave of layoffs, it was especially primed with a lot of talent from the development brand. Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard take personal responsibility for the future of their own brand. But there were several fighters who no longer complied with what was requested.

One such case was the fighter Isaiah Swerve Scott, the leader of the Hit Row faction. When they were on the main roster and were seen as the main leads and the only consolidated stable from NXT they were fired. For this, each of the fighters has a clause to respect.

He was fired on November 18 of this year, he has been seen on social networks with TNT champion Sammy Guevara. In a recording studio with Eddie Kingston and Malakai Black himself. It is a fact that his great contacts are in the two companies, so many think that he is destined for AEW.

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Former WWE champion fired seen with AEW wrestlers – Planeta Wrestling