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During the last few hours there have been many WWE news who have highlighted the way in which the product offered has been developed the WWE Raw red mark. So much so that it has been seen with a star return of a fighter who was fired more than two years ago. During the year of the pandemic, WWE made several waves of layoffs.

Fired made his appearance on WWE Raw

It was on the last show. A promo between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins himself caused chaos and applause from all the fans who saw how the rivalry was reaching a level that reached the personal. When everything got out of control and Rollins ended up behind the comment table, it was the moment when the security members entered.

The surprise was huge the moment we saw one of the producers. It was about Joe Hennig better known as Curtis Axel. A man that was fired from WWE on April 30, 2021.

A news that brought the reaction of the entire public that could see the son of Mr Perfect again on the screens, and former WWE champion since he came to win an intercontinental championship while militating in the ranks of the roster. He has been twice champion in pairs, once with David Otunga and another with Bo Dallas with the team called Team B.

A few days ago it was known that a series of tests had been carried out for the former fighter in the backstage of SmackDown and everything seems to indicate that he has gotten the job. Once again he steps on Vince McMahon’s company in a new stage in his professional life. It is not ruled out that he may appear again fighting in a WWE ring.

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Fired made his appearance on WWE Raw – Planet Wrestling