Fans believe The Hurt Business could reform on Raw soon

In the most recent edition of Raw, the first of the year 2023, some things happened that they make fans think that we could see the return of The Hurt Business soon. The first sign that occurred was the fact that television cameras caught MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander having a backstage chat with Adam Pearce. Are they trying to convince him to allow Bobby Lashley to return to WWE?

This was during a segment where Damage CTRL was heading to the ring, they were caught in the background, away from the central focus of the shot. Already in the last Raw of the year 2023, MVP went to talk to Pear to ask him where his former manager was, Bobby Lashley, who was fired a few weeks ago, so the fans are convinced that WWE is hinting that the faction could reform very soon.

The Hurt Business

► Will The Hurt Business really meet on Raw?

Let’s remember that this group was formed in 2020 and was the highlight of WWE during the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, just weeks before WrestleMania 37, the group disbanded, despite the fact that the four members begged Vince McMahon backstage to leave them as a group.

«MVP, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin hanging out behind the scenes. 👀👀👀 WILL THE HURT BUSINESS BE BACK SOON?»

«The Hurt Business is back. I repeat».

“Apparently, The Hurt Business are working together after just a few weeks ago, MVP and Bobby Lashley told them to get over it, because a reunion was not going to happen! 😅».

“If The Hurt Business reunites, will Omos join them?”

In November 2022, Bobby Lashley was interviewed by Radio Rahim of Seconds Out, and there he promised to reunite The Hurt Business with these words:

The Hurt Business in WWE
The Hurt Business in WWE

“The Hurt Business was something that everyone loved, and everyone will continue to love. Never say Never. Never even say never. I’ll make sure that somehow we get back together, because it seems like right now, everyone is returning to some type of group in WWE. There are so many different factions coming together.

“The most important faction and one of the biggest factions in recent years, the one that got us through the pandemic was Hurt Business. During the pandemic, everyone else stayed home.

“A lot of people stayed home and didn’t want to go to work, so many people that they stepped back when The Hurt Business stepped up. We were every part of the show for a long time. Therefore, I think it should have a revival.”

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Fans believe The Hurt Business could reform on Raw soon