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Since August of last year, Elijah He mysteriously disappeared from the programming and only a few vignettes had been known in which he practically “buried” his guitar, and with it, his character. a few weeks ago, Ezekiel came to Monday Night RAW, and from that moment a series of events were triggered that involved Kevin Owenswho held the theory that Ezekiel was Elias, despite the fact that he claimed that he was only his younger brother.

From that moment, Kevin Owens was involved in the fact of wanting to prove that Ezekiel was actually Elias, but he has not been able to prove it, since both the testimonies of other Superstars, like the lie detector that Ezekiel was subjected to, they could not agree with KO, generating him even more anger.

Ezekiel, Kevin Owens and Chad Gable with the lie detector – WWE Raw

► Elias has not appeared on WWE Raw since August of last year

In a recent interview on WWE The Bump, Ezekiel spoke about the mysterious disappearance of his brother Eliaswho has not been seen since last year and added that he has not had much contact with him.

It’s not like I talk to him all the time. If you remember, Elias is a bit of a bum, he’s in and out, you never really know what he’s going to do. If he had to guess, he’s just doing a little soul searching, playing a little music. Maybe playing a little bar here and there, putting on shows like that to keep himself entertained. I haven’t talked to him that much recently, but that’s my guess of what he’s doing.”

Elijah - WWE Raw
Elijah – WWE Raw

Surely this explanation will not satisfy Kevin Owens, who will find a way to unmask Ezekiel with the help of Alpha Academy. Due, KO may face Elias’s younger brother very soon.

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Ezekiel explains the mysterious disappearance of his brother Elias | Superfights