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In one of the weirdest WWE newsthe company presented a very strange ending to the fight between AJ Styles and Ezekiel against the team of The Miz and Ciampa in the red RAW mark.

Strange ending to a match on Monday Night Raw

One of the curious aspects that the last Monday Night Raw program left was the fight between The Miz and Ciampa against AJ Styles and Ezekiel. Waiting to define his fight against Logan Paul in the biggest event of the summer, the former WWE champion had other rivals in the last edition of the program. However, the curious thing began with the very preparation of the fight. Styles was originally going to face The Miz and Ciampa in a handicap match, at least until Ezekiel joined the fray.

On the other hand, in the final stretch of the fight, the phenomenal had The Miz trapped in the Calf Crusher key, until Ciampa arrived to save his partner. In this way, the fighter caused the disqualification for his team. This fact confused the public in the venue and even the commentators who doubted about the disqualification.

In the last program of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained a rule that WWE has for the end of the fights. The rule is that a fighter can only be saved by his partner in a disadvantaged situation like the one seen on Monday. However, if it occurs twice, the referee may end the match by disqualification. Despite this, this situation occurs on multiple occasions without the referees indicating the disqualification, although on this occasion it has occurred in this way, with the victory of the team of AJ Styles and Ezekiel.

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Explanation of a strange ending in a Raw fight – Planet Wrestling