Eric Bischoff thinks NXT has an identity crisis

Eric Bischoff was interviewed on the podcast Generation of Wrestling and gave his opinion on the new NXT format, NXT 2.0. Bischoff revealed that he feels NXT is having an “identity crisis”:

WWE’s television production is undoubtedly the best on the planet. Kevin Dunn is the Rembrandt of production and that’s a fantastic thing in many ways, but in my opinion, the new NXT format is overproduced. I think people who watch professional wrestling do it almost unconsciously because it is live. If the broadcast is live, the viewer knows, directly or indirectly, that almost anything can happen because it is live.

When the show is overproduced to the point where it looks like you’re watching a movie, you lose that connection. You no longer feel like you are sitting in the seats watching a live show. You feel like you’re sitting in a movie theater watching a movie about wrestling and that changes the way you relate to it. It is the difference between listening to a concert at home on television and being there. When you are there, you have a different feeling than when you are sitting at home. The same music, the same artist, the same staging, all the same, but you are not so connected to it. That is the idea, at least in my opinion, to produce a show that allows the person who is sitting at home on the couch, eating a slice of pizza and drinking a beer, feel like they are really in the sand.

I think NXT 2.0 is having an identity crisis. I think that, deep down, there are people who know that we have to go back to being a little tougher and that they have to have an advantage. It can’t be that pretty. It can’t be so WWE that it has its own identity. It has to be different from the RAW and SmackDown product. What I’m seeing so far is a tendency to lean towards the RAW and SmackDown product in terms of its presentation. I hope I’m wrong but what differentiates the audience from the main WWE and NXT shows is the audience. Fans want something different, not a minor version of RAW or a smaller version of SmackDown. They want something that is unique. Until NXT 2.0 or 3.0 or 4.0 creates that unique relationship with the public by being a little different, I think they are swimming against the current. “

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Eric Bischoff thinks NXT has an identity crisis