Eric Bischoff believes that the end of the PG era in WWE will create anticipation

Last week, the news of end of PG rating for WWE RAW surprised the entire wrestling community. Nevertheless, the switch to TV-14which quickly excited many fans, did not end up consummatingand in the event that it finally occurs, it will be in the future.

Eric Bischoffformer president of WCW and employee of WWE when it maintained the TV-14 rating, he has spoken about it in the latest episode of his podcast Strictly Businessand believes that the change could create a lot of expectation and anticipation for WWE. These were his statements:

“Some of the consequences could be real and tangible, and others subtle and probably not that significant. I think It’s going to create a lot of anticipation. you know?

I think you’re going to have a lot of people who have maybe disengaged over the years, and maybe they’ve disengaged because the product has gone soft since 2008. But this also means that needs to be digestible for children so that they keep advertisers and TV channels happy,”

Bischoff also wanted to value an aspect that does not convince him of the current programming in wrestling. According to the Hall of Famer, the segments behind the scenes and with the microphone of WWE and AEW are very poor.

“You completely bore me with your backstage promos and your mic segments. Nothing happens in those segments. there is no narrative most of the time i get nothing but disengage. It’s the truth in WWE, it’s the truth in AEW. Some of the people who are doing promos shouldn’t do them. I would use that. I would find ways to make my non-fight segments more interesting.”

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Eric Bischoff believes that the end of the PG era in WWE will create anticipation