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Surely a main cast with two guitarists is an unlikely idea for Vince McMahonbecause coinciding with the disappearance of Elijah of the screens WWEthe company rose to Rick Boogstoday quite popular among the fans and those who He will even have a match at WrestleMania 38 next month with Shinsuke Nakamura.

The question then is what remodeling WWE has in hand. Let us remember that the particular singer-songwriter played his last fight in the Raw episode of last July 19coming out defeating Jason Ryker. And weeks later, declared his character dead as we know him, during a video in which he threw a guitar into the fire, in addition to showing his own tombstone.

However, since then there has been little news about Elias, although we are not aware that his prolonged absence is due to any injury. Simply, WWE did not have plans for him, between rumors that Vince McMahon backed down to a new outfit because “The Wanderer” looked very similar to randy savage.


► New identity in sight

And now, extraordinarily, we come across a presumed update on Elias’s status. According fightful, the gladiator has been filming new vignettes recently and there are forecasts that he will return to Raw under a different alias. However, at the same time, the American media adds that a source in WWE points out that ‘means nothing until plans are firmly established’.

In social networks, Elias does not share new publications after the apparent death of his character. We will see if this changes shortly, less than three weeks from WrestleMania 38where we remember seth rollins still lacks combat. Perhaps as a last resort cody rhodes do not consummate his return to WWE, the company pairs Elias with Rollins there.

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Elias has recorded new vignettes and WWE is considering changing his name | Superfights