Edge would already be thinking about his retirement from the ring

edge he is widely considered to be one of the greatest fighters of the modern era. The WWE Hall of Famer has achieved it all in WWE, though he retired early in 2011 with a severe neck injury. However, during Royal Rumble 2020he managed to fight again for be able to finish your degree on your own terms. Since then, he has been able to appear with some regularity and is still capable of putting on great matches.

Edge in the ring during the WWE Royal Rumble 2020 PPV (26/01/2020) / WWE

► Edge wants to retire in his homeland

Currently, Edge is off the screens after rivaling Judgment Day, a group that he created and from which he was expelled. He is now spending time with his family while he waits for another big storyline, probably on the way to the Royal Rumble.

The WWE Hall of Famer was recently interviewed by The Nation Networkwhere he talked about his WWE career, and hinted that he is about to retire and that next time it will be final.

“That’s the key. The first time they told me: ‘You have to hang it up. That’s it, you’re done. It was WrestleMania. I retired as a World Champion, and that sounds like Cinderella, but I just didn’t know it. That made it hard to chew on all those years, but I had to accept it and move on with what life is now. I had to start an amazing, beautiful family and acting started to take off a bit, but when i had a chance to get this back. The first thing I thought was: ‘I want to retire in Toronto.

Because, again, I know the window won’t be open for long. But if I can do it there, I think then I can go well. I’m fine. That was the last thing marked. I didn’t win 4 more championships or anything like that. I really came back to have fun, try to help teach a new generation of talent. that I had never held in my hands before. I always say, she called us storytellers. It was always my intention to go back and tell a great story for three or four years and then ride off into the sunset.”

Edge - WWE RAW
Edge – WWE RAW

We will have to wait and see when Edge will hang up the loot, but certainly SummerSlam 2023 seems a favorable scenario for that, according to what he stated a few months ago; evidently, if WWE decides to take said event to Toronto.

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Edge would already be thinking about his retirement from the ring