Edge wants to fight Kevin Owens again after MSG

COVID-19 is hitting WWE again and caused many changes in the non-televised events of Raw and SmackDown that the company carried out on Sunday. For example, Edge was on his way to Detroit when he was called up to fight at Madison Square Garden against Kevin Owens in a steel cage.. It was a great Christmas gift for the fans who were present at the show since both fighters had only seen each other in a string when they shared the pitched battle of Royal Rumble 2020.

► Edge wants to fight Kevin Owens again

And not only for the public but also for the two gladiators. KO was not too happy after losing …

But the Hall of Famer made the following post anticipating a future rematch:

Something funny happened on the way to Detroit. I ended up at Madison Square Garden in a cage match against Kevin Owens. When I found out that I could fight again, this fight was on my short list of things to do before I retired (for the last time). Have the feeling that we will meet again«.

Everyone would be delighted if they both had an extensive rivalry that “The Rated-R Superstar” had with Seth Rollins until recently in which they showed everything they have. And now that Kevin Owens has just renewed his contract and will be staying a few more years in WWE it is entirely possible that will happen. So we will see how the stories of both evolve in the coming months and if perhaps in 2022 they will meet again on the string., on national television, on a weekly program, on a PPV …

Kevin Owens

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Edge wants to fight Kevin Owens again after MSG