Edge explains his actions on WWE RAW

After seeing the brutal attack of Edge to the phenomenal AJ Styles,the super star category “R” responds to his actions towards his opponent in the face of WrestleMania 38, Tonight in monday night RAW.

Edge remembers his brutal attack last week

Last week we witnessed the ultimate opportunist Edge present at the RAW red brand show to hear the response to his challenge posed for WrestleMania 38, all this because he didn’t want to be left out of the most important event of the year so he hoped that any super star answered his challenge, who did it was none other than the phenomenal AJ Styles with whom he starred in an impressive segment.

After exchanging words in which AJ was starting to get annoyed, both went to the unrestrained blows and surprisingly Edge took out some illegal attacks, with this he left AJ on the canvas and if that wasn’t enough knocks him unconscious after hitting him with a metal chair.

Tonight Edge entered the scene to explain his actions, with a rather dark appearance he goes to the ring and begins by saying his typical phrase “YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME”, this was directly to AJ Styles to whom he explained that he did what he did for him, so that your wildest instinct awakens, incidentally argued that thanks to that attack he could also feel that old feeling from his past, commenting that he feels great.

His fight is agreed for night 2 of the great event

With these words the segment ended leaving more questions than answers, it should be noted that This great fight is already confirmed for night 2 of WrestleMania on Sunday, April 3, will have to wait to hear how the phenomenal responds to what happened and Edge’s words, in addition to seeing this fight to know who is victorious when these two legends collide for the first time.

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Edge explains his actions on WWE RAW