Edge defeats Seth Rollins at WWE SummerSlam 2021

Edge, the Canadian fighter has taken the victory after making Seth Rollins surrender in the combat that they both had tonight in the most spectacular show of the summer, WWE SummerSlam.

Edge defeats Seth Rollins at SummerSlam 2021

Edge has managed to take the victory and thus take the rivalry with Seth Rollins in WWE SummerSlam tonight. The combat has been based mainly on a Seth Rollins looking to directly attack the nape of Edge so that he had to surrender, and also not only that, but also had to retire from wrestling.

Seth Rollins began the fight by throwing Edge against the ring posts and then against the metal stairs so that he hit the back of his neck against them. The first minutes of the fight have basically been that, a continuous attack by Rollins against Edge and an Edge trying to survive in the fight.

After this we have seen an Edge returning until he has tried a spear but has been received by a Rollins pedigree that has almost cost him the fight. Edge has returned to combat after evading a Rollins stomp and immediately afterwards has applied a spear and then a sharpshooter but Rollins has escaped, until finally Edge has grabbed Rollins’ neck and put him in a submission lock that has made Rollins surrender and Edge take victory in the match.

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