Edge announces retirement plans in 2023

During the broadcast of last episode of Monday Night Raw, Edge defeated Damian Priest in the main event of the show. The veteran fighter applied a Canadian Destroyer and the Spear to take the victory and tried to finish his enemy using a chair, but the members of Judgment Day intervened in time. Finally, Beth Phoenix reappeared to help her husband.

Once the fight and the live broadcast of Monday Night Raw are over, Edge took the microphone and addressed the Toronto crowd.. He recalled his beginnings in WWE in June 1998 with a victory and his return to the ring after 9 years of being inactive due to his injury. He revealed his retirement intentions next year in Canada when assured that he would return in August 2023 to play his last fight, something that cooled the public for a moment. Edge raised his spirits again explaining that he wants to do it in his country because he is proud to be Canadian.

It seems that despite his victory against Damian Priest, the rivalry between Edge and Judgment Day is far from over. It is speculated that, with the appearance of Beth Phoenix, Edge will face the stable again in some type of tag team match.

Edge’s retirement and his return to WWE

Edge was forced to retire in 2011 and confirmed his decision at the Monday Night Raw event held on April 11 of that same year. The fighter suffered cervical stenosis, an injury that has left other fighters like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or Paige out of action. The former Champion of WWE He stated that his original plans were to fight during 2011 and that Christian would be in charge of withdrawing him. Unfortunately, the diagnosis of cervical spinal stenosis forced his immediate retirement, which made it impossible for him to fulfill his dream.

In the following 9 years, he made sporadic appearances in WWE and was part of some television projects. In 2019, speculation began about the possibility of his return to the ring, although this was not 100% confirmed until the Royal Rumble event, where Edge made his return by participating in the men’s Royal Battle. Subsequently, the signing of a contract with WWE to make several appearances and part-time matches was confirmed.

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Edge announces retirement plans in 2023