EC3: “WWE stole Raw Underground and Retribution from me”

There were a few months in late 2020 when the third hour of Monday Night Raw was dedicated to Raw Underground, a show in which Superstars dueled with MMA-like rules in a ring without ropes. That same year the Retribution faction was started, which although it attracted a lot of attention at the beginning, it also ended up disappearing at the beginning of 2021 without having left a mark. Neither idea worked.. Would they have done it with EC3 behind them?

► EC3 accuses WWE

We will never know, but we continue to talk about the now NWA fighter because recently accused WWE of stealing them (via The Wrestling Outlaws).

Both things were stolen from Control Your Narrative and my little video! We can go back in time and watch my original Control Your Narrative, my original little narrative, and watch Raw Underground and watch Retribution. A bunch of hooded guys, walking around, really tough, causing chaos. Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, Control Your Narrative on YouTube.”

It is not clear how EC3 could have carried out such ideas but probably both would have received a different treatment had they been born today, when Triple H is at the helm of the company. This does not mean that they were successful, but they would be different. On the other hand, it is not that they are missed. In fact, Raw Underground did not leave anything to remember and did not help any fighter. And the same with Retribution; all of its members had done more interesting things before.

What do you think of the words of EC3?

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EC3: “WWE stole Raw Underground and Retribution from me”