EC3 reveals details about his character in WWE

The wrestler known in WWE as EC3 had a striking character in the NXT Development Mark, This tells how the analysis of Vince McMahon about his character we tell you all the details in PLANET WRESTLING your website of WWE news.

EC3 tells how his character was decided by Vince McMahon in WWE

Many fans will remember the former WWE superstar known by the name EC3, this did his NXT debut having a very good step thanks to his great talent though could not win any championship, already in 2019 he reached the main roster in Monday Night RAW where little by little it was losing relevance, it continued like this until 2020 when He was fired ending his WWE career.

Despite his great talent and a charismatic character who claimed to be in the “Top 1 Percent” He left WWE passing without pain or glory, in a recent interview for Shootinf From The Hip EC3 commented on how the board’s choice for his character was, revealing that Vince McMahon did not want him to speak so enthusiastically and I wanted to give it another direction, this was what the former WWE fighter said in the aforementioned portal.

“But I definitely think there was a creative meeting, they needed six people and they were only releasing 8×10” photos and videos. ‘Of course, anything, I don’t care. Ohh, she’s fun, this guy looks great, this guy has muscles, let’s take it. Ohh, this guy looks like a weird guy; that works’. And when they went through our stuff and every idea that a creative person who is familiar with the product has, I don’t think Vince looked for more than thirty seconds to a minute. I swear, this is the truth, he saw a promo I did; It wasn’t even like one of our professional shoots, it was me by the pool, and I think it was like “win after win.” It was kind of silly and over the top, like you don’t have common sense, it was cool and awesome. Vince saw him once and said ‘No, this guy needs to be a meteorologist, he can’t talk very enthusiastically, in fact he shouldn’t even talk.’ No one said ‘Hey, Vince, he’s actually a pretty decent talker, he could be good out there with a microphone and produce something with it.’ No one bothered to say anything.”

Currently EC3 was in independent companies and founded his own company with Braun Strowman called Control Your Narrative, his path as a super star continues with new projects.

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EC3 reveals details about his character in WWE